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Mildred Kaye, Icarus Falling
Giclee on canvas
21" x 31.5", completed Dec. 2001

This piece can be read on two levels.

Inevitably it is read as a representation of one of the figures that were seen jumping out of the exploding buildings. But there is a second level. Icarus is a figure in Greek Mythology. His father, Daedalus,  architect of the Labyrinth, was an innovative inventor. Experimenting with human flight, he designed wings of wax and feathers, and had his  son Icarus don the wings. Icarus flew too high and reached the sun, whose heat melted the wax. Icarus fell to earth.

The story's significance is not the fall of Icarus. To me it symbolizes man's aspirations, his desire to soar. The importance is not that Icarus failed, but that that he tried.

 I see the analogy to the Twin Towers disaster. Within the story of the catastrophe is the story of man's spirit of enterprise.

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